If you are interested in this pet, please email XXXX@earps.org or go to http://earps.org/adoption/adoption-application to apply!... see more at Petfinder
Artemis (Artie for short) is a male Timneh African grey, hatch date April 29, 2009. NOT GREAT around smaller birds and will try to attack them. He can be handled but is extremely cage aggressive, so if you try to pick him up from his cage he will bite...
Jellybean is a adorable darling little goffins cockatoo! She steals the hearts of everyone she meets. She is currently working with her doctors at Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic to figure out why she prefers the naked look. She isn't quite ready fo...
Bud is still looking for her forever home! She is a nice eater and her foster mom is helping her learn how to forage and stay busy. Bud is a very friendly 16 yr old blue and gold macaw. She was surrendered into rescue when she had serious medical ...
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