24-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a preferably rolling desk chair, nothing fancy, just something to replace the dining chair and camping chair I've been using.
24-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
The one I've had for 30 years collapsed, and I'm in a world of hurt, since I actually use this for laundry. Looking for a stand for a square washtub, but can make a round one work, too. Doesn't have to be pretty, just sturdy enough to hold a full washtub. Am near downtown, but will travel a fair distance for this.
23-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a cargo carrier that goes into a 2 receiver. Going on vacation and need some extra cargo space.
23-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for decent CB radio base station. Or any two way radios.
22-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am in desperate need of n electric wheelchair due to the fibromyalgia that I have. I have days that I cannot put much weight on my legs and have to stay home because I have no way to get around.
22-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Need any length at least 8 ft or more of used 4 ft tall chain link fence. Will travel.
22-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
We just moved and were unable to take everything with us. We are looking for a dining table and chairs, hopefully to seat all 6 of us.
21-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm hoping to find a large habitat for my daughters gecko. We have the heat lamp , just needing a larger home . Thank you !! We're on the East side but Will travel.
21-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm in need of clog style women's crocs , Looking for neutral colors . Size 8-9 Thank you !!!
19-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Needing a few things for the home. Paint (netural colors or black) interior doors one for a bedroom , bathroom and 2 closet doors . Also could use rolled screen , kitchen cabinets . If you have anything your not using we could greatly use and appreciate them . Thanks
19-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I would like a start of a prickly pear cactus to start in my yard. Thank you in advance.
19-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm a foster for a few different animal rescue groups in the area. I also sew items to donate to the groups. I'm looking for some used blankets to repurpose for the animals. Wool blankets and heavy flannel highly preferred. Fleece works too. I make them into beds and hammocks for everything from dogs to exotics like rats/hamsters/chinchillas. Let me know if you have any old blankets cluttering ...
17-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a sturdy bookcase, preferably 5 or more shelves, in good condition. Am flexible with pickup day/time.
16-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Have a friend whose refrigerator is going out. He has lost some items from freezer, now the frig is going in and out.
15-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 2 or 3 Dressers with 4-6 drawers in them to replace my broken ones for my kids. Willing to pick up (prefer to schedule a time since my work schedule is hectic.) Thank you.
15-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a twin sized box spring for my son's bed. Can pick up. Thank you in advance.
15-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm returning my bosses work van and these are better than round 5 gallon buckets...thanks!
14-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Doing a little landscaping and need some blooming flowers.
14-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a working cable modem, preferably for Brighthouse service.
14-Jun-2018Indianapolis, IN(8 miles)Items Wanted
Hello all. I am a scout leader and I am putting on a class this fall to get a fair amount of scouts in a local unit licensed as ham radio operators. I am a general class licensee and so I will help them get on HF when I am on campouts to help spur them along to continue the licensing process themselves. I am looking to see if anyone has any old equipment they would donate to help them begin to ...
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